2012 Members and Donors

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"Special thanks to all our members and donors for your generous contributions! The crew at CSPA promises to continue to work hard for our fisheries and for clean water."

Bill Jennings, CSPA Executive Director

2012 Fundraising

Goal: $200,000
YTD Total: $8,980
Percent of Goal: 4%

Our Esteemed 2012 Members and Donors

We respect the privacy of our members and donors who have requested anonymity. While we have not listed their name here, we appreciate their generous contributions.

California Gray Whale (eschrichtius robustus) Members
Contributions of $10,000 or more

Farallon Great White (carcharodon carcharias) Members
Contributions of $5,000 +

San Francisco Bay Green Sturgeon (acipenser medirostris) Members
Contributions of $1,000 +

Mike Lozeau & Loretta de Guzman and Family

Sacramento River Chinook (oncorhynchus tshawytscha) Members
Contributions of $500 +

Sacramento Delta Striped Bass (moronidae morone) Members
Contributions of $250 +

Ed Dum

Klamath River Coho (oncorhynchus kisutch) Members
Contributions of $100 +

Pasadena Casting Club; David Draheim; John Bass; William Lauster Monterey Penninsula Flycasters

Trinity River Steelhead (oncorhynchus mykiss) Members
Contributions of $75 +

San Joaquin Delta Largemouth Bass (micropterus salmoides) Members
Contributions of $50 +

McCloud River Rainbow (oncorhynchus mykiss) Members
Contributions of $30 +

Jeff Schick; Larry Dennis; Marvin Wong; Michael Carlson