CSPA calls for moratorium on Battle Creek logging

On 23 June 2011, the California Sportfishing Protection Alliance (CSPA) joined a coalition of fishermen and environmentalists, including the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations, Battle Creek Alliance, Center for Sierra Nevada Conservation and Sierra Club in calling on Governor Brown to impose a moratorium on clear cutting along Battle Creek until a watershed-wide assessment of cumulative impacts from logging is conducted.  Accelerated clear-cutting by Sierra Pacific Industries is jeopardizing an ongoing $128 million restoration project on Battle Creek. 

Battle Creek, near Mount Lassen, is one of the largest tributaries of the Sacramento River.  The restoration project involves removing five PG&E dams and modifying four others so steelhead and winter and spring run salmon can pass to spawn.  Massive erosion from extensive clear cutting could destroy essential spawning habitat before salmon have an opportunity to use it.

For Immediate Release: July 23, 2011

Fishermen, Biologists, Environmentalists Call on Gov. Brown to End Clearcutting.  Taxpayer Funded Fish Restoration Effort Threatened

Sacramento – A unique coalition of fishermen, biologists and environmental groups are sounding the alarm that the $128 million taxpayer-funded Battle Creek Salmon and Steelhead Restoration Project – the largest of its kind in the nation – is being jeopardized by erosion from upstream clearcutting by Sierra Pacific Industries.

The coalition is calling on Governor Brown to immediately halt clearcutting in the Battle Creek watershed until a comprehensive cumulative review of the various clear cuts occurring in this watershed can be conducted. As shown in aerial snapshots (available HERE), checker board clearcuts create erosion that is silting up the cold water ponds needed for salmon and steelhead populations to reproduce.

Battle Creek, near Mount Lassen, is one of the largest tributaries of the Sacramento River and one of the few places left for wild run salmon.

“This enormous tax-payer funded effort to save Battle Creek is being sabotaged by Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI). The Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) and other regulators are circumventing the law by not requiring SPI to conduct a full watershed-wide assessment of the cumulative impacts of their ecologically destructive logging,” said Marily Woodhouse, co-founder of the Battle Creek Alliance.

“The State’s right hand is fighting the left hand; meanwhile we are losing an invaluable resource for bringing back salmon populations.,” said Bill Jennings, Executive Director, California Sportfishing Protection Alliance. “An immediate moratorium on clear cutting in Battle Creek is urgently needed.”

“Battle Creek, like many Sierra watersheds, is being damaged by SPI’s extremely aggressive clearcutting. These waterways are essential to salmon recovery efforts and the fishing economy. Governor Brown needs to make protecting these waterways and forests a top priority before it is too late,” said Michael Endicott, Resources Advocate from the Sierra Club California.

The following people are available for interviews:

Marily Woodhouse, co-founder Battle Creek Alliance, 530-474-5803, marily-lobo@hotmail.com

Glen Spain, Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations, 541-689-2000, FISH1IFR@aol.com

Bill Jennings, Executive Director, California Sportfishing Protection Alliance, 209-464-5067, deltakeep@me.com

Vivian Parker, Biologist, Center for Sierra Nevada Conservation and co-founder of Battle Creek Alliance, 530-391-2628, vparker@calwisp.net

Michael Endicott, Resources Advocate, Sierra Club California, 415-971-1652, sierrachub@aol.com

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