CSPA, Coalition Comment on Trinity River Restoration Projects

CSPA and a coalition of environmental and fishing interests submitted comments on the draft Environmental Assessment/Initial Study for the Bucktail and Lower Junction City rehabilitation projects on the Trinity River.  Despite predictions of a banner year for fall salmon, the Trinity River had some of the lowest recorded numbers of natural spawners, as well as some of the poorest adult returns in the entire Klamath-Trinity basin.

The comments pointed out that the proposed projects represent a change in design philosophy that was not contemplated in the Trinity River Record of Decision, characterized the draft EA/Initial Study as seriously inadequate and recommended preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Report (EIR/EIS).  The groups noted that existing efforts of the Trinity River Restoration Program had increased adverse impacts on the river, while failing to create significant new juvenile salmonid rearing habitat to meet fishery restoration goals.

Coalition Comments

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