CSPA, Coalition Submit Comments on State Board Agricultural Panel Recommendations

On 7 August 2014, CSPA joined the Otter Project, California Rural Legal Assistance, Environmental Justice Coalition for Water, Santa Lucia Chapter of the Sierra Club, Santa Barbara Channelkeeper and the California Coastkeeper Alliance in commenting on the recommendations of a State Water Board appointed expert panel to address the critical issues of agricultural water pollution and nitrate contamination of drinking water supplies.  Agricultural pollution is the largest and least regulated source of pollution and impairment to the state’s waters.

The coalition pointed out that the “industry” panel’s recommendations were at odds with the recommendations of many previous expert panels and individual experts, fails to identify and provide real solution-oriented and useful recommendations, essentially supports the status quo and is focused on what can’t be done rather than identifying what can.  The Otter Project provided funds for a highly credentialed and respected consultant, Dr. Mark Kram, to review the panels draft conclusions and recommendations and his comments were included in the submitted comments.

Coalition Letter on Panel Recommendations   Dr. Kram’s Review of Panel Recommendations

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