CSPA, Delta Water Agencies, Restore the Delta Submit Comments on Proposed Bonds

On 23 April 2014, CSPA joined Central Delta Water Agency, South Delta Water Agency, Restore the Delta and Local Agencies of the North Delta is submitting comments on three proposed Bond issues that are being considered by the state legislature.  The letters urge that any Bond investments in the Delta be made with regard to the existing communities and with the recognition that any bond-funded activities in the Delta must be supported by sound science.  It points out that fisheries crashed after construction of the CVP and SWP pumps in the south Delta, long after the reclamation of Delta islands in the early 19th century and that the public review draft of the BDCP shows that implementation of BDCP would imperil nine key species including salmon, Delta smelt and greater sandhill cranes.  Consequently, obligation to mitigate for fishery impacts should be borne by the state and federal projects and not funded by statewide bonds on behalf of all taxpayers.

Wolk SB 848 Letter    Rendon AB2554 Letter    Rendon AB1331 Letter

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