CSPA Fall 2022 Newsletter: The Tyranny of the Deal, Defending Section 401 of the Clean Water Act, & CSPA Told You So

CSPA Newsletter ScreenshotThe Fall 2022 Edition of the California Sportfishing Protection Alliance Newsletter is out now. Below is the introduction to the newsletter by Chris Shutes, CSPA’s Acting Executive Director.

From the Desk of Chris Shutes: Changes at CSPA

Bill Jennings has temporarily stepped aside from his role as CSPA’s Executive Director in the wake of cascading health problems. These problems began when another driver ran a stop sign and broadsided Bill’s car in Stockton in July 2021. Bill’s wounds seemed manageable at first, but he has been unable to recover.

CSPA looks forward to Bill’s complete recovery and his return to diverse projects and a busy schedule. In the meantime, Bill remains as Chairman of CSPA’s Board of Directors.

I have taken on the role of Acting Executive Director on an indefinite basis.

No one can take the place of Bill Jennings, who for a hundred good reasons is a legend in California water and fisheries advocacy. The best I can do is continue the projects and initiatives that Bill undertook and administered, even as CSPA looks for new actions consistent with our mission of protecting fisheries, habitat, and water quality.

The full CSPA newsletter can be downloaded below. Articles include: The Tyranny of the Deal; Defending Section 401 of the Clean Water Act: We Whipped ‘Em Once, We Whipped ‘Em Twice; CSPA Told You So; and more!

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