CSPA Settles Lawsuit Against Redding Auto Dismantler

CSPA has settled a Clean Water Act lawsuit against Viking Auto Parts, a four-acre vehicle dismantling and automotive parts recycling facility in Redding, for violations of the California General Industrial Stormwater Permit.  The lawsuit alleged that the facility discharged polluted stormwater into Redding’s storm drain system, which drains to Churn and Clover Creeks and thence the Sacramento River and Delta.

The settlement agreement obligates Viking to comply fully with the Clean Water Act.  As mitigation for past violations, Viking agreed to send $14,000 to the Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment to fund environmental projects to improve water quality.  They also agreed to reimburse CSPA’s costs of bringing suit.  The Law Offices of Andrew Packard represented CSPA in this matter.

Settlement Agreement

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