CSPA Submits Comments on EID’s Deer Creek Wastewater Plant

CSPA has submitted comments to the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board regarding proposed revisions to the wastewater permit for El Dorado Irrigation District for discharges to Deer Creek.  The revisions are in response to a successful lawsuit CSPA filed against the Regional Board.  The Regional Board was directed by Judge Timothy Frawley of the Sacramento Superior Court to make substantial changes in the permit to comply with permitting regulations.  

Unfortunately the proposed permit changes do not comply with Judge Frawley’s order and are not protective of trout and other fisheries in Deer Creek.  A hearing on the proposed changes is scheduled for 10 June 2011.  Should the Regional Board not revise the proposed permit to be consistent with Judge Frawley’s order, CSPA will ask the court to impose sanctions against the Board.   CSPA Comments Deer Creek WTP

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