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DAILY DIGEST, weekend edition: Drought is over … or not … ; Instagram-hungry crowds are destroying the super bloom; Everything that’s in the Dingell Act; Enviro group wants Scott Dam on Eel River removed; Wet winter likely to keep Colorado River out of shortage next year; and more …

March 17, 2019

Sunday podcast …

Butterflies, Toads and Fish: Steve Baker writes, “We have all been listening to and concerned with decisions related to the California Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. People and life in the Delta each rely on the resources that come with water that flows through the Delta and eventually to the ocean. Bill Jennings,Executive Director of Sportfishing Protection Alliance, explained to me the history of this Delta and described conditions that cause duress to aquatic species. Recognizing the needs of people, aquatic life and the biologic tapestry of this most important waterway in California, Bill shares a little wisdom. Listen up. Water is a Many Splendor’ed Thing brings you another water relationship that has a personally significant impact to your life.”

Audio available on Maven’s Notebook

Stephen J. Baker, producer of Operation Unite’s Living Water® radio series, “Water is a Many Splendor’ed Thing”, has completed 258 episodes from around the world since 2006. Each story is a real circumstance of one water relationship that exists in the world. Contact Operation Unite® if you would like your organization’s water relationship to be shared with the masses. Bringing People Together to Solve Water Problems; Operation Unite®; stevebaker@operationunite.co; 530-263-1007

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