Misc Historical Documents

Below are misc. historical documents related to Grasslands, Westlands and Discharges into the San Joaquin River

Cost Allocation Letters




RE_ Meeting Availability for Cost Allocation Study listening sessions – August 19-23, 2019

RE_ Meeting Availability for Cost Allocation Study Listening Sessions, August 2019

Contracts—WWD permanent and interim, Transfers –SLDMWA delta pumps, Cost Allocations—making it so the taxpayers pay more and irrigators pay less, San Luis Drain to discharge Westside pollutants to the Delta.













Environmental Advocate Comment Letter Re Interim Contract Renewal WWD S…

Westlands Executed Final Permanent Water Contract Feb 2020

14-06-200-495A-IR1-P Final Executed


Westlands Repayment Contracts Fitch Ratings

2020 Coalition Letter Fitch Rating Re Westlands June 6 2020 final

2020 Westlands Coalition letter Ex. 1-3 6.7.20

2020 Westlands Coalition letter Ex. 4 6.7.20

Validation Answers






Additional Misc.





USBR_SLDFR Feasibility Rpt_AppE Se Biotreatment Performance_2008

USBR_SLDFR Feasiblity Rpt_AppD RO Treatmt Performance_2008

WWD Permanent Contract FOIA Correspondence 10-19_4-2020

Conant Letter Re WWD 1 15 MAF Contract Conversion 10-29-19

04-I-2958 SLU LTCR Insuff Memo

June 2020

Conservation Gr 04-19-2018 Cmt Ltr Delta-Mendota Canal Groundwater Pump-in DEA-18-007 and FON…

Conservation Gr Cmt Ltr 3-26-15 WWD 30 K Groundwater Discharge- Warren Act Contract EA-15-001 CMTS & Dra…

Conservation Gr FinalScopingCmts 03-02-2010 100K Pump-in Cal Aqueduct

Environmental Advocate Cmts WWD SLC Pump-in Monitoring 2018 Cal Aqueduct…

EPA comments Westlands WD EIR NOP 3-4-10

PRA Correspondence Re WWD Pumpin Cal Aqueduct Project Monitoring Plan May 2020

SWC Final Draft Comments WWD Aqueduct Pump-in ltr 4-10-15USBR WQ CIP COC_Short List Fr WWD 5-19-2020

USBR WQ CIP COC_Short List Fr WWD 5-19-2020

WWD GW Maps fr 05 19 2020_Water Policy Packet (1)

21 June 2020

PCL_PCFFA et al_Comments on Final Westlands Permanent Contract_4 27_ 202…

2019-12-30 – Westlands – Mem of P’s & A’s ISO Motion for Validation

2020-3-16 – COURT – Ruling on Westlands’ validation motion

WWD Fresno Superior Ct Validation Proceeding Transcript 610275ab_full

8 July 2020

2020-07-08 NCRA v. DOI SASC with 3 Exhibits

9 July 2020

Letter from Westlands to Bureau of Reclamation 5-26-2020

USBR Ltr to WWD 5-28-2020 Re Validation Statutory Waiver

19 July 2020

2020.07.17 CSPA v. SWRCB Settlement – Fully Executed

Second Amended Complaint-Final

16 August 2020

Canal Integration Program Third Response Schifferle 071720

DWR_Fishing Along the SWP

Env Advocate Cmts WWD SLC Pump-in 2020 IS_ND_6 10 2020 Cal Aqueduct

Water Quality Assessment of Non-Project Turn-ins to the California Aqueduct 2016

Water Quality Assessment of Non-Project Turn-ins to the California Aqueduct, 2014

Water Quality Assessment of Non-Project Turn-ins to the California Aqueduct, 2015

28 August 2020

8 20 20 cmt ltr Reclamation more Ks final for pdf

Env Advocate 8_20_ 2020 Cmts Re DEA for WWD Pump-in SLC_Cal Aqueduct EA-…

5 September 2020

2001-F-0027 Formal Consultation on Friant and Cross Valley Div

25 September 2020

CVPIA-RestorationFund2020Letter 9-11-2020

Env Advocates Cmts CVPIA Restoration Fund_True Up & _ Proportionality 9…

GWD Comments 2020 CVPIA Accounting Guidelines

Joint Ltr. to Reclamation re CVPIA Accting (09-10-20)

Refuge Partner Comments on CVPIA Accounting 09.11.2020

SKM_C30820091013260 HVT Comments Interim Guidelines CVPIA Draft Busines…

Pump In October 2020

04_WWD Pump-in Program_SWC_Comment_Letter 10-01-20

05_MWDSC_Comment Letter

CDFW Comments on WWD GW Pumping Project_10 05 2020

Env Advocate Cmts 9-30-2020_WWD SLC Pump-in Oct 2020 IS_ND_ Cal Aqueduct

DWR_10-1-2020 Pump-in Comment

Bernhardt’s Midnight Memos, 15 February 2021

SIGNED Concurrence to ASWS ASFWP from Secretary – CVPIA – Jan 19 2021

ASFWP ASWS to Secretary re CVPIA completion – Wallace AND Petty e-sign

BOR CVPIA Memo Jan 15 2021_Date Stamp

SOL Memo to RD Re Completion – Jan 2021

Temperature Management, 12 March 2021

CSPA et al Sac River Temp 5.11.2020

Sept 30, 2020 USBR to SWRCB, Sac River Temp Management Plan

2020.07.17 CSPA v. SWRCB Settlement Agreement, Fully Executed

NRDC et al letter to SWRCB opposing Sac Riv Temp Mgmt Plan 5-8-20

GCID Meeting 3 March 2021

CSPA Complaint, Temperature

CSPA Complaint, Bay-Delta

Second Amended Complaint, CSPA et al. v. SWRCB

Patty, 21 March 2021

1993 Revised Interim Guidelines red-line version_Public-Comment_08.06.20

Business Practice Guidelines_11-21-2019

WWD OMB _12-23-2020 White Paper re CVPIA True Up (final)

Supplemental White Paper re CVPIA True UP_final

WWD Response to CVPIA BPG

Patty 22 April 2021

Trump_Bernhardt CVP Cost Allocation Contractor Benefits Fleecing Taxpayers April 2021


PCL& PCFFA et al_Comments on 11 Final CVP Permanent Contract_3_1_2021

Patty 23 April 2021

4 2 21 filed 1st amend compl

2020-07-08 NCRA v. DOI SASC with 3 Exhibits

Hoopa 4-8-21 Ltr re CVPIA to Congress

Patty 8 May 2021

PCL et al_EIR WWD Groundwater Pumping and Conveyance Final Scoping Cmts_4 10 2021

Env Advocate Cmts 9-30-2020_WWD SLC Pump-in 2020 IS_ND_ Cal Aqueduct Corrected

Patty 27 August 2021

PCL et al_Cmts Cross Valley Contracts 8-18-2021

Second Batch

2021-07-12 NCRA Settlement Conference Statment)

Biden administration re-issues $400 million bill to Fresno’s WWD 07-06-2…

Fixing the Water Scandal 05-3-2021 PCL, PCFFA & Tribal Groups Request Ov…

Hoopa 4-8-21 Ltr re CVPIA to Congress

Interior Recinds CVPIA Completion – Rescission Memo -signed June 11 2021…

Third Batch

Comments of PCFFA et al _9-13-2019

CVRWQCB Triennial Review Cmts CSPA et. al. 05-10-21

Fishing & Conservation Grps Cmt Letter CV RWQCB WDRs for Federal SLD Grassland Drainers Discharge 11-6-19

PCL et. al Cmt Letter GBP Stormwater Plan CEQA _09-09-2019

PCL, PCFFA et al Cmts to the CV Regl Bd_GBP Drainage Mgmt Plan_2-1- 21

Fourth Batch

2021-02-01 NCRA et al GBP DMP Comments

Patty 20 September 2021

2021-09-17 NCRA Opening Trial Brief

PCL et al_Cmts Cross Valley Contracts 8-18-2021

Patty 15 December 2021

PCL et al_Cmts SLDMWA MND for Mud Slough Restoration Project_7 28 2021

Patty 22 January 2022

Mud Slough Restoration Project Objection MND and NOD 12-9-2021

PCL et al_Cmts SLDMWA MND for Mud Slough Restoration Project_7 28 2021

Patty 2 March 2022

Env Advocates Ltr to DWR et al Re SLDMWA& WWD ASR Broadview WD_10_18_ 2021

Patty 28 April 2022

PCL et al_Cmts on Contaminated Groundwater Discharge to Cal Aqueduct Due to Emergency Rule Loopholes 05-25_2021

Patty 2 May 2022

HydroFocus BWD ACR report 03182022

Patty 5 May 2022


Patty 16 May 2022

Env Advocates Opposition to Taxpayer Funded VAs & CEQA Exemption Loopholes 5_9_2022

Patty 14 August 2022

Letter to DWR and CDFW re Delta habitat restoration 7-20-22 w att

Secretary Memo – Withdrawal of CVPIA Memos – signed 12-15-22

Uploads Shutes 2 January 2023

Fixing the Water Scandal 05-3-2021 PCL & Tribal Groups Request Oversight

5-7-21 Huffman_ Porter _CVPIA Letter

Amd Contract Complaint 12-21

Fixing the Water Scandal 05-3-2021 PCL PCFFA Tribal Groups Request Oversight date corrected


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