The Bizarre Saga of CSPA, Deer Creek and the Regional Board

Anyone wondering how California waterways became so polluted should examine the Saga of Deer Creek.  In 2008, CSPA submitted comments to the Regional Water Board contending that the proposed waste discharge permit for El Dorado Irrigation District’s Deer Creek wastewater treatment plant was deficient, non-protective of fisheries and violated federal regulations.  The Regional Board brushed aside CSPA concerns and adopted the permit.  CSPA appealed to the State Water Board, who declined to hear the appeal.  CSPA sued the Regional Board and prevailed.

In March 2011, Sacramento Superior Court Judge Timothy Frawley issued a writ of mandate directing the Regional Board to revise the permit, within 120 days, in accordance with his order and to reimburse CSPA for its costs of bringing suit.  The Regional Board readopted the permit in July but blatantly defied the judge’s order by employing the same previously disapproved procedures.  CSPA has brought the matter back to court and a hearing is scheduled for December.   Meanwhile, Deer Creek trout continue to suffer from a Schwarzenegger-appointed water board that is more interested in protecting polluters than protecting the environment.  Memorandum to the Court

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