CSPA and Allies Propose Tuolumne Fish Passage Studies

CSPA and a coalition of environmental and fishing groups filed comments July 22 on scoping for the licensing of La Grange Dam and Powerhouse on the Tuolumne River. The Conservation Groups on the filing also submitted study requests asking that Turlock Irrigation District and Modesto Irrigation District be required to conduct two studies relating to reintroduction salmon and steelhead in the Tuolumne River upstream of Don Pedro Dam: a study of habitat suitability, and a study of engineering options to get the fish to suitable habitat.

The licensing of the La Grange Project was required by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in response to a letter from the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) pointing out that Turlock Irrigation District was operating a powerhouse without a FERC license. Both NMFS and several conservation groups filed documents and evidence in support of licensing. The requirement to license is being currently being litigated; CSPA is an intervenor in the litigation. In the meantime, the licensing is proceeding.

Comments       Habitat Study Request       Engineering Study Request

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