CSPA and Coalition Comment on Draft Yuba River Application

CSPA and allied conservation groups in the Foothills Water Network have filed comments in the relicensing of the Yuba River Development Project.  Yuba County Water Agency’s (YCWA) project is currently in the relicensing process with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

The Network asks licensee YCWA to expand the analysis in its Draft License Application to consider fish passage, how flows in the Feather River affect the Yuba, and how flow increases to support improved flows in the Delta should be part of setting flows in the lower Yuba River.  The comments also discuss the need to improve juvenile rearing habitat for salmon and steelhead and to improve conditions for riparian vegetation in the lower Yuba River.  The Network recommends a suite of recreational improvements, including facilities for boating (including drift boats) in the river reaches affected by the Project.

FWN comments YRDP DLA

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