CSPA Submits BDCP Comments

On 28 July 2014, CSPA submitted comments on the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) and associated EIR/EIS.  The comments were focused on the various conservation elements, including the twin tunnels that will divert an average of 2.5 million acre feet of Sacramento River under the Delta for export to southern California.  CSPA’s comments also focused on the impacts of the project to water quality.

CSPA is also a signatory to the Environmental Water Caucus comments and worked closely with the EWC in preparing those comments.  CSPA Board Member and attorney Member Michael Jackson also prepared extensive comments on behalf of CSPA, California Water Impact Network (CWIN) and AquAlliance.

This post is a placeholder and will be updated with additional details and new comments as they’re are submitted.

CSPA Comment Ltr. No. 1, Habitat   CSPA BDCP Ltr. No. 2, Water Quality    CSPA BDCP Ltr. No. 3, Smelt   CSPA, Exhibit 1, Overview of Restoration   CSPA Exhibit 3, Summer of 2013   EWC Comments, First Set   EWC Comments, Second Set

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