CSPA Submits Comments to RWQCB Over the Renewal of Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant’s NPDES Permit

The California Sportfishing Protection Alliance (CSPA) has reviewed the tentative Waste Discharge Requirements (NPDES No. CA0077682) for the Sacramento Regional   Wastewater Treatment Plant (Permit) and respectfully submits the following comments.

CSPA requests status as a designated party for this proceeding. CSPA is a 501(c)(3) public benefit conservation and research organization established in 1983 for the purpose of conserving, restoring, and enhancing the state’s water quality and fishery resources and their aquatic ecosystems and associated riparian habitats. CSPA has actively promoted the protection of water quality and fisheries throughout California before state and federal agencies, the State Legislature and Congress and regularly participates in administrative and judicial proceedings on behalf of its members to protect, enhance, and restore California’s degraded water quality and fisheries. CSPA members reside, boat, fish and recreate in and along waterways throughout the Central Valley, including Sacramento County. (More…)

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2 Responses to CSPA Submits Comments to RWQCB Over the Renewal of Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant’s NPDES Permit

  1. Jim lambert says:

    I have been sending this letter out in hopes it will help the water problems.

    Dear: California Leaders
    This is the opportunity to produce many Jobs, provide for the future generation and bring back the natural resources. It’s a process that you understand and know about. It’s great for the farmers and great for the resource.
    This letter is saying recycle waste water will produce tens of thousands of Jobs in the state and it’s great for the farmers because they use the majority of water growing crops for export. All California cities can contribute their waste water. And in turn residents and farmers can reap the rewards, and bring the money to fund this.
    I am concerned about the way things are going for the future in California. We know this is a big state with many people, and wealth. What concerns me the most is the way this state is depleting its natural resources and they will never recover. One example is the wild Salmon and Steelhead, once abundant in California and along the West Coast fisheries. The human population and massive farming changed things depleting the river waters that the various wild life creatures need. Many migrating species depend on water to reproduce their wild life cycle.
    Please wake up, it’s not too late to do something, but it soon will be.
    This development will produce these jobs and many more;
    Engineers, Architects, Carpenter, plumbers, electricians, all types of heavy construction workers and builders, the Commercial fishery fresh water and Ocean; Guiding services for Sport fishing, and hunting; Motels use, camping use for hunters and fishing people, Sporting good stores, merchandise, purchase State licenses, wardens,
    At this point everything is now snow balling upwards and the state will recover.
    Respectfully: JIM Lambert

  2. CSPA Admin says:

    Thanks Jim for your comment.