CSPA Analyzes Water Quality Data for Battle Creek

CSPA technical staff has reviewed water quality monitoring data collected by the Battle Creek Alliance and finds evidence of adverse changes in water quality conditions attributable to clean-cutting activities, and numerous and continuing exceedances of the turbidity water quality standards in the Regional Water Quality Control Plan (Basin Plan).   Sediment discharged from Sierra Pacific Industries massive clear cutting operations in the Battle Creek Watershed threatens the downstream $128 million Battle Creek Restoration Project.  The report has been sent to the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (Regional Board).  CSPA and Battle Creek Alliance requested that the Regional Board conduct an investigation and require that Sierra Pacific Industries implement a comprehensive instream-monitoring program.

Battle Creek, near Mount Lassen, is one of the largest tributaries of the Sacramento River.  The restoration project involves removing five PG&E dams and modifying four others so steelhead and winter and spring run salmon can pass to spawn.  Massive erosion from extensive clear cutting could destroy essential habitat before salmon and steelhead have an opportunity to use it.

Battle Creek Report Data Set Area Map

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