CSPA Protests Latest State Board Drought Urgency Order

On 13 May 2014, CSPA, CWIN and AquAlliance filed a formal Protest, Objection and Request for Reconsideration of the State Water Resources Control Board’s 2 May 2014 Temporary Urgency Drought Order.  The Order represents the eighth time within ninety days that the Board has weakened water quality and flow standards enacted to protect fisheries and beneficial uses in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.  The protest asserts that the Order violates the law and due process and will have serious environmental effects. It requests a full evidentiary hearing.

As part of the protest, CSPA attached two reports reviewing: 1) the CVP/SWP Drought Operations Plan and Operational Forecast and 2) the Effects Analysis contained in the DWR/Reclamation request for modifications and extension of the earlier Temporary Urgency Change Order.  The CSPA reviews detailed the serious harm to anadromous and pelagic fisheries that would occur and included line-by-line rebuttals of the specious assertions contained in the DWR/Reclamation petition.

CSPA Protest   CSPA Review, Operations Plan   CSPA Review Effects Analysis

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