CSPA Settles Modesto Lawsuit

On 13 November 2013, CSPA settled a lawsuit against the City of Modesto over illegal sanitary sewer spills in violation of the City’s Clean Water Act permit.  The lawsuit was filed 13 December 2012.  The City agreed to enhanced inspection and cleaning protocols and a performance standard of five spills per hundred miles of collection system.  The agreement incorporates provisions that allow CSPA to return to court for further enforcement if necessary.  As mitigation for past violations, Modesto agreed to send $65,000 to the Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment to fund environmental projects to improve water quality in the San Joaquin, Stanislaus or Tuolumne Rivers.  They also agreed to reimburse CSPA’s costs of bringing suit.  Lozeau/Drury LLP represented CSPA in this matter.

Settlement Agreement   Lawsuit


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