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American River Nimbus Hatchery – Fish Ladder and Public Health Update

The new fish ladder at the Nimbus Fish Hatchery is coming along.  It will help in hatchery operations and allow salmon and steelhead a bit more spawning habitat because it no longer requires installation of a seasonal weir that keeps fish from migrating to the short stretch of river that is upstream of the hatchery and downstream of Nimbus Dam.

I visited the site on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  I missed the river in this Covid year.  I thought with the recent limited stay-at-home order the popular viewing area would not be too crowded for a brisk walk with a dog to see the new ladder and a whole lot of salmon.  I was surprised by the crowd, but found a parking spot.  I donned my mask and headed for the viewing area.  Hundreds of viewers with dogs, bikes, and strollers.  There was limited mask wearing and social distancing.  It was actually kind of scary given my many months of minimal human contact.  Having a masters in public health did not give me greater confidence.  I did my best to avoid everyone and follow the recommendations adopted by the Sacramento County Health Department.

I suggest CDFW put up appropriate warning signs and require masks and social distancing at its popular venue.